Barack Hussein Obama Goes on TV – Makes Blood-Boiling Announcement

BREAKING: Barack Obama just came out of the woodwork to launch a new plan to take President Donald Trump down.

ABC News reported that a Democratic group that is backed by Obama just announced that it plans to invest millions of dollars in state-level elections in 11 states this year, with its heaviest focus on Ohio. Led by Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee said this year’s election cycle is critical to affecting the congressional redistricting process, as this is the first cycle whose winners will participate in drawing congressional maps for the decade starting in 2021.

This comes as there is widespread bipartisan concern that political gerrymandering, the process of drawing maps that benefit one party over another, has led to partisanship, gridlock and incivility in Washington.

“In 2011, Republicans created gerrymandered districts that locked themselves into power and shut out voters from the electoral process,” Holder said on Wednesday. “By focusing on these state and local races, we can ensure Democrats who will fight for fairness have a seat at the table when new maps are drawn in 2021.”

Holder’s group is targeting elections in 11 states, including nine gubernatorial races, 18 legislative chambers, two ballot initiatives and two down-ballot races, and the committee has also made a list of eight other states that they are watching. In Ohio, the group will be supporting Democratic candidates in five races: governor, auditor, secretary of state, Ohio Senate and Ohio House, as well as pushing a redistricting ballot measure. The other races they are watching include:

— Colorado: Governor, state Senate

— Florida: Governor, state Senate

— Georgia: Governor, state Senate

— Michigan: Governor, state Senate, state House, ballot initiative

— Minnesota: Governor, state Senate, state House

— Nevada: Governor, state Senate, state House

— North Carolina: State Senate, state House

— Pennsylvania: Governor, state Senate, state House

— Texas: State Senate, state House

— Wisconsin: Governor, state Senate

The group’s watch list includes initiatives in Arizona, Missouri, South Dakota and Utah; the governor’s and state Senate races in Maine; and the governor’s, state Senate and state House races in New Hampshire.

It’s pathetic that Obama and his minions are still desperately trying to take Trump down by targeting these races. SHARE this story if you want Barack Obama to GO AWAY!