Barack Hussein Obama Was Just Caught RED HANDED – LOCK HIM UP

Barack Hussein Obama was hit with a devastating setback this week when his planned Barack Obama Center in Chicago was found to be violating federal laws against destroying sites placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Breitbart reported that the current plans have the Obama Center being spread out over sections of three sites with history stretching back to 1869. The area of Jackson Park that Obama is planning to destroy with this huge project includes the area where the World’s Columbian Exposition was staged in Jackson Park and the Midway in 1893. Created by famed architect Daniel Burnham, the man who also made Central Park in New York City, the Midway was placed on the historic site registry in 1972.

In addition, the Obama Center will disrupt a portion of Frederick Law Olmsted’s Washington Park, a site that was added to the registry in 2004. It will also require the closure of  Cornell Drive, a roadway that is an integral part of the park system.

The Cultural Landscape Foundation, a historic preservation group, is arguing that the proposal for Obama’s new center would violate the rules of the historic registry. The group is calling for the review of Obama’s construction project to be expanded to review the impact it will have on the whole series of protected parklands.

“The need to fully recognize the unity of the South parks is now brought into greater relief by the current proposal to impose a parking garage at the eastern terminus and hinge point of the Midway Plaisance, effectively placing a further barrier to the connection that Olmsted and Vaux first envisioned,” the group’s president, Charles Birnbaum, wrote in a letter to the federal government.

He went on to say that Olmsted’s design, “was intended to lead visitors on a choreographed journey through passages of landscape scenery. Neither the location nor the disposition of the roads were accidental.” Birnbaum pointed out that the Obama Center would erase that journey and that the huge tower planned for the Center itself would also destroy the historic sites.

“Moreover, the (presidential center) tower, as currently conceived, would adversely affect viewsheds from the full expanse of the Midway Plaisance, not just from the portion of it now included” in the government’s review of the plans, Birnbaum said. “The imposition of a massive high-rise tower, hundreds of feet tall … is directly contrary to the overall concept of the park.”

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