A huge DACA announcement was just made that could change everything… Trump’s supporters are stunned.

Defense Secretary James Mattis spoke out this week to say that servicemen and women who are protected from deportation by an Obama-era program set to expire on March 5 will be “protected” regardless of their immigration status. Daily Mail reported that Mattis told reporters that he had spoken with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen about the roughly 800 members of the U.S. military whose status was thought to be in limbo.

He explained that people who are on active duty or serve in the reserves won’t be targets for deportation and that veterans with honorable discharges would also be guaranteed safe harbor in the U.S., along with new recruits who are “signed up and they’re waiting to go into boot camp.”

Mattis went on to say that a judge could only override this order if the DREAMer committed a serious felony or was subject to a final deportation order.

“They’re just like any other citizen in terms of they’re responsible for anything that they – any misbehavior proven in a court of law,” Mattis warned, adding that the Trump administration does not “have veto authority over a court.”

“They are not subject to deportation unless they committed a felony or a federal judge has ordered them out for some reason, in which case we have to obey the court order,” he continued, going on to say that extending DACA protections to military officers and enlisted personnel has “always been the case,” but he has taken actions to “make certain we don’t have any more problems.”

This comes days after President Trump himself spoke out about DACA on Twitter.

“Any deal on DACA that does not include STRONG border security and the desperately needed WALL is a total waste of time,” Trump wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

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