Migrants Show Up for Their Welfare Checks… Get a NASTY SURPRISE Instead

JUST IN: During Barack Obama’s time in the White House, he allowed millions of people to get on welfare and freeload off of the hard work of American taxpayers. Now that Donald Trump is in office, however, Americans are learning just how much money Obama stole from all of us to give to freeloaders.

Breitbart reported that a new study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) confirmed that American taxpayers pay almost $870 million in welfare for foreign refugees who are resettled across the United States by the State Department. The study stated that every year, foreign refugees are being given about $867 million in welfare benefits that U.S. taxpayers pay for.

Each year, taxpayers are forced to pay $1.8 billion for the full cost of resettling foreign refugees, and after five years, American taxpayers will have spent about $8.8 billion on resettling foreign refugees. The study found that:

During Obama’s final year in office in 2016, the U.S. admitted more Muslim refugees to the country than ever before in history. The Pew Research Center found that in that year, almost 40,000 Muslim refugees were placed in the U.S.

Since 1980, the U.S. has admitted 3.5 million foreign refugees, with nearly 100,000 refugees arriving in 2016 under former President Obama. As someone who is critical of the mass resettling of foreign refugees throughout the U.S., Trump lowered the number of refugees admitted to the country during his first year in office, reducing the annual flow of refugees by 70 percent.

During Trump’s first 11 months in the White House, he admitted 28,875 foreign refugees to the U.S., a vast difference from the whopping 93,668 foreign refugees admitted in the same time period under Obama. In the 2018 Fiscal Year, Trump has lowered the number of refugees who can enter the U.S. to 45,000, the lowest refugee cap since 1980.

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