Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh spoke out on his show on Wednesday to say that the mainstream media is covering up up one the the biggest stories in decades: a “deep state” coup against President Donald Trump.

Western Journalism reported that Rush said that special counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election is “not a legitimate investigation.” He added that most media outlets refuse to report what he called “the biggest story in generations,” even “bigger than Watergate.”

“We’ve had a suggestion that we aired earlier from a former CIA analyst who says that, in his estimation, Trump should just pardon everybody and end this just because there’s no ‘there’ there. There’s no crime. There was no collusion. Everything that’s being done is a trap,” Rush explained.

“This whole thing — it really is, folks,” he explained. “The Trump dossier was written to cause just this. They wrote a phony and false document that was designed to be used by co-conspirators at the CIA and the Obama administration as legitimate intelligence that was earth-shattering in its consequences and needs to be pursued.”

Rush was referring to the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, an unverified document that made salacious claims about Trump. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign teamed up with the Democratic National Committee to pay for the research that was compiled in the dossier, and the FBI used this dossier to justify investigating the connections between Trump and Russia.

“It’s all BS,” Rush said. “There’s not a shred of truth in it. But it’s the framework and the foundation, the basis for the investigation. It’s nothing more than a trap. If you pardon everybody, then the investigation is over. And if you do this with a president explaining why he’s doing it and walk people through this — The danger, of course, is public opinion.”

Rush also noted that “the drive-by media has not reported much of what I just told you,” which means that if Trump shuts down the Russia investigation, “it would be out of the blue to a lot of people.”

“This is not a legitimate investigation,” he said. “It’s not a legitimate premise. But it still has the power of the Justice Department behind it. This guy (Mueller) can still go to court and get indictments if he wants to impanel a grand jury. He can still lean on people to get plea agreements to avoid them going broke and having their families ruined. Even though the whole thing is a bogus trap.”

“It frosts me that this whole thing is bogus on a false premise, that it’s a pure trap, that there’s no collusion, and that everything happening to people here is process crimes — obstruction of justice or lying to investigators,” he added.

Rush went on to say that due to the “bogus nature” of the Russia investigation, he is “waiting for a Woodward-Bernstein to come along and expose this for what it really is.”

“I think it’s the biggest story in generations,” he said. “I think it’s bigger than Watergate, and the drive-bys are sitting around ignoring it because they’re part of it. They really are — in this case — acting as opposition to the people. We have a corrupt bunch of Democrats who are attempting to overthrow a president. That is such a huge story. But they’re in on it. They’re helping.”

Rush lamented that there would be so much to expose if a “real journalist” actually looked into it.

“We have top FBI officials working for Hillary Clinton, the campaign loser. They are abusing their powers to try to find out garbage about an incoming Republican transition team,” he said. “We have James Comey, the FBI director, exonerating Hillary Clinton of all crimes before even interviewing her. We have massive leaks from every branch of the government that are all lies.”

He also talked about Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who was removed from Mueller’s investigative team due to possible pro-Clinton and anti-Trump bias. Strzok reportedly changed the language describing Clinton’s misuse of her email server from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”

“We have a guy who changed wording to a non-crime to protect Hillary, who is working on the investigative team of Trump,” Rush said.

The conservative radio host ended the segment by warning that this all comes “from every aspect of the executive branch, the deep state.”

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