Trump MOPS THE FLOOR With Omarosa After She Bashes Him On Live TV

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman has been appearing on Celebrity Big Brother this week, and she has already made it clear that she is using the show to bash President Donald Trump as much as possible. Now, however, Trump is firing back at Omarosa in a big way.

Western Journalism reported that White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah said on Friday that the White House is not taking  Omarosa’s comments about President Trump “very seriously.”

“What is the White House’s reaction to comments made by former White House aide Omarosa on Celebrity Big Brother?” reporter Paula Reid asked.

“Omarosa was fired three times on the Apprentice and this was the fourth time we let her go,” Shah responded. “She had limited contact with the president while here. She has no contact now.”

Omarosa left the White House in December amidst rumors that she had been fired and threatened to spill sensitive information about the Trump administration.

“But when I have my story to tell as the only African-American woman in this White House, as a senior staff and assistant to the president, I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that has affected my community and my people and when I can tell my story, it is a profound story that I know the world will want to hear,” Omarosa stated.

While on Big Brother, Omarosa said that she was “haunted” by Trump’s tweets.

“I was haunted by tweets every single day,” Omarosa said, “like what is he going to tweet next?”

She claimed she tried to make Trump more careful on Twitter.

“I tried to be that person, and then all the people around him attacked me. It was like, keep her away from him, don’t give her access, don’t let her talk to him,” she said.

“Should we be worried?” asked her fellow houseguest Ross Matthews. “Because we are worried, but I need you to say ‘no, it’s going to be OK.'”

“No, it’s not going to be OK. It’s not” Newman said.

Some people will do anything for attention!